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Verdun Studio


Located in the heart of Verdun, two minutes walk from the beach,  walking distance from the subway, microbreweries, third-wave coffees everywhere. 
A very groovy place for a very groovy team.



The all-time classic.


Mortal Kombat II


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Espresso Machine

#1 Studio essential.


Game Room

Our hidden lair.

Founder CEO & Creative Director

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Fx Dupas Portrait
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FX Dupas is the lead composer and creative director at Vibe Avenue, a company he co-founded in 2013 with fellow composer and sound designer Mathieu Lavoie.

A specialist in orchestral music, FX Dupas likes to blend it with his many musical influences to create powerful and evocative scores. He’s also an expert in dynamic music and tries to push the boundaries of music interactivity on every score he’s writing. As such, he has worked directly with Audiokinetic to elaborate their interactive music course “Wwise 201” for the Wwise integration engine.

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Mathieu Lavoie Portrait
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Mathieu Lavoie is an award winning composer, entrepreneur and educator. Entrepreneur, artist and professor, Mathieu acts as the company’s CEO, is a gifted musical composer and holds a position of professor at the University of Quebec in Montreal.

A specialist in hybrid orchestral music, Mathieu Lavoie’s musical style is hard to define in absolute terms, having scored games and films using multiple fusions of other genres, such as heavy-metal, retro synth, EDM, jazz, funk and world music. He owns hundreds of flûtes, plucked string instruments and other weird sound producing devices which he uses regularly to enhance his scores.

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Centered around an open-space designed to welcome our team of audio specialists, our new Verdun workstation comes equipped with 4 specific studios to cater to the every needs of professionnal audio production. 

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Studio A/B

Ideal for VOs and the occasionnal podcast.

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Studio C

Creation Station.

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Studio D

Mixing and mastering room.

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Studio E/F

For live recording and music production

Live Room
For music & stuff.
Control Room Studio E
For music and sound design, and an ideal meeting space.
Control Room Studio A
Specially designed for VO recording.
Vocal Booth Studio B
For VOs and dialogues recording
Studio C
Our creative den, this room is packed with an impressive collection of exotic percussions, winds & stringed instruments.
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Our team members

Our most excellent team of sound specialists, musicians and just all-around good persons.



Felix PacMan 2nd
2nd best
High Score
Frank Pac Man 3rd
3rd best



Mortal Kombat II Champions: Alex & Kaven