Verdun Studio


Located in the heart of Verdun, two minutes walk from the beach,  walking distance from the subway, microbreweries, third-wave coffees everywhere. 
A very groovy place for a very groovy team.



The all-time classic.


Mortal Kombat II


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Espresso Machine

#1 Studio essential.


Game Room

Our hidden lair.

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Fx Dupas and Mathieu Lavoie are Vibe Avenue’s co-founders – where they both act as creative directors and composers. Both specialists of interactive music systems, they create intricate musical scores in an impressive variety of settings and styles using their highly complimentary musical skills. 

FX Dupas

With a background of touring jazz-pianist, harmonicist, arranger and songwriter, FX picked up composition for video games upon his arrival in north america in 2009. Impressive piano chops aside, FX has always been a curious musician and composer and picked up affinities for ethnic rhythms, electronic oddballs styles, as well as jazz, rock and fusion.
After his mandatory morning kombucha break , chances are you will most likely find FX composing in the synth room – where he can tweak away endlessly at his prized synth collection.

Mat Lavoie

Avid fan of fiction, multi-instrumentalists and gifted polymath, Mathieu Lavoie is an intuitive creator with a deep knowledge of narrative structures. Starting with his early Dnd campaigns along with old-school deck building games and his very own commodore 64, Mat has a long-standing love for gaming which he combines with his equally-important other passion – music. 

Building upon his metal and rock background, Mat extended his musical abilities to orchestral and world music – with a dash of modern techniques. He continuously pushes his capacity to interpret music on an ever-growing roster of instruments – and has the impressive ability to play any flutes conceivable.

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Centered around an open-space designed to welcome our team of audio specialists, our new Verdun workstation comes equipped with 4 specific studios to cater to the every needs of professionnal audio production. 

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Studio A/B

Ideal for VOs and the occasionnal podcast.

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Studio C

Creation Station.

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Studio D

Mixing and mastering room.

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Studio E/F

For live recording and music production

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Our most excellent team of sound specialists, musicians and just all-around good persons.