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Our award winning team our sound designers are here to propel your project forward. We can attack audio production for video-games from every angle, every step of the way – designing, programming and sculpting your project’s audio identity. We use various techniques of sound design, which makes for a much welcome wide range of audio assets for your project.

samples, field recordings, synthesis, sound effects, foley, ambiances

Much wow, very range.

By using samples, analog synthesis, wavetable synthesis (and all of the synthesises), field recordings and vocal performers, we ensure your project’s sound identity is a rich tapestry that not only blends, but surprises and deepens the users experience.

Designed and mixed with the Highest Standarts.

In order to give unparalleled levels of quality, we outfit our staff with the very best Hi-Fi audio tools available.

Surround Mixing

Award winning swooshes

Our new Verdun studios comes equipped with top of the line, 5.1 surround mixing booths – to ensure the highest sound quality for our clients.

Theses new studios were built and equipped with the help of our partners: