Full blown orchestra to minimalist electro, 
and everything in between. 

Electro, orchestra, western, rock, hybrid, electronica, jazz, funk, fusion, instrumental,

Excerpts from our work. 

In many, many styles. 

Interactive music systems for a better musical experience.

The most overlooked yet crucial ingredient for videogame music .  We, at Vibe, have become specialist in providing original and lifelike soundtracks that behaves like linear music but are quite more complex when you look under the hood…

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Every styles and every formation.

Throughout the years, we have produced music in an impressively wide range of settings: we had talented guest soloists in our studios, we crafted an entire soundtrack with hardware synthetizers,  professionally recorded  choir performances and had the incredible chance to perform with a a symphonic orchestra.  Suffice to say, we don’t back down no matter the challenge.