the noble art of making it work

Whether it is for SFXs, foley or dialogues, we have a team of sound designers that are up to dates with the latest technologies and can integrate on middleware such as Wwise or FMOD, or directly unto the game engine like Unreal and Unity.

What is in·te·gra·tion


The backend reality to any audio production for video-games, integration is – essentially – where our sound designers connect audio assets to their related in-game events, tests, debug and finalize the product. 

Here is an oversimplified math equation to illustrate the process:

Integrate: (footsteps for walking, pew pews for shooting)

Debug: (pew pews = walking?!) 

Result: (Music + (pew pews & footsteps) = game audio )

The Vibe Avenue team is


Wwise certified

Musical integration

the noble art of making it work (but musically)

With the help of our production and sound design team, our music team can use integration as a creative tool for music scoring by defining precise trigger matrices within your project’s game engine or middleware of choice. 

With this method, in-game events can greatly influence the music’s linear flow, which, in turns, make the gameplay even more seamless and engaging. 

VR integration

the noble art of making it work (but in 3d)

VR integration is a little more complex than traditional integration for obvious 3d reasons, this is why we have a VR booth to facilitate smooth tri-dimensional integration for our sound design team. 

With this dedicated space, we can insure a fast and reliable workflow between us and our clients working with VR, as well as top-of-the-line tech to ensure we can bring your project to a whole new level of realism.