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A quick tour of our thingy we have going

At Vibe Avenue, we cover the entire audio production process from start-to-finish with top of the line musical scoring, sound design, voice-over recording, mixing and integration. Sound is our passion, we thrive to provide the best audio experience for both AAA and Indie Dev alike. 



Pro-studio for tailor-fitted masterpieces

The original purpose of Vibe Avenue, music for videogames and innovative new medias. 

From orchestra to computer, from the screen to the stage, only one thing doesn’t fit into our musical creations: limits.



bip-boop bip bip boop

synthesis, samples and field recordings

At Vibe, we keep off the beaten track and boldly explore new creative ways to produce sound assets for new medias. 

We love to capture reality with field recordings, to recreate with synthesis, to reproduce with sampling and to transform with multi-Fx manipulation.

Looking for crispy, snappy, gory, squishy, scratchy, splooshy, bumpy and rumpey sound? Look no further !



From recording to integration

We have built solid relationships with local actors and casting studios – from videogame capital Montreal. 

With our state of the art studios, we can provide all services related to voice-productions : recording, editing, localization and integration. 



Multiplatform expertise

A successful integration is essential for a great game soundtrack and sound design. From sophisticated dynamic soundscapes to innovative interactive music systems, let us manage audio integration and get a worry-free, high-quality and unique audio signature for your project. 

Game Engines: Unreal, Unity

Audio Engines: WWise, FMOD, Fabric