Dungeons and Dragons : Dark Alliance-fr

Dungeons & Dragons : Dark Alliance Aventure, RPG Tuque Games Wizards of the Coast Musique Conception Sonore Voice-Over Intégration À PROPOS DE CE JEU Dark Alliance donne vie à l’univers de Dungeons & Dragons dans un jeu d’action-RPG débridé avec des combats en temps réel et un mode coop dynamique. Des géants du givre et des […]

Broken Edge Fr

Beneath Oresa Vr, Duel, Escrime Trebuchet Fast Travel Game Musique Conception Sonore Voice-Over Intégration Music Editing ABOUT THE GAME Broken Edge is a VR multiplayer fantasy dueling game where you embody historical swordfighters. Use their unique techniques and powers combined with cutting-edge fencing mechanics to claim victory against online components and climb the ranks! Embody […]

Beneath Oresa Fr

Beneath Oresa Roguelike Deckbuilder, Stratégie Broken Spear Musique Conception sonore Voice-Over Intégration Music Editing Beneath Oresa is a fighting roguelike deckbuilder. Deep within the city, confront your foes in real tactical arenas. As a strategist, choose your cards, upgrades, and artifacts wisely, but as a fighter, keep your distances with your foes, engage them at […]