Outstanding music
and sound design

For video games and new media

Vibe Avenue becomes

Vibe Avenue will be rebranded SIDE Montreal, enhancing SIDE’s existing audio services to now include sound design, music composition, and soundtrack production.

Learn more about our new family at SIDE.

Vibe Avenue, your partner in music composition and sound creation for new media and video games.

Get the best sonic identity from the award-winning team at Vibe Avenue

Led by Mathieu Lavoie and FX Dupas, Vibe’s impressive team of 17 composers, sound designers, voice designers, production experts and other amazing artists join forces in this Montreal-based laboratory to explore uncharted sonic territories.

We work with the best

From AAA to Indie

Complete sonic creation

Composition, arranging, performance and editing of award-winning soundtracks.

Our award winning team of sound specialists are here to propel your project forward.


From dynamic music-system to in-game mixing, we help you make your project’s audio stand out. 

Recording, editing, localization and voice-integration. 

Our values


With state of the art studios, a collection of hundreds of musical instruments, synthesizers, foley props, microphones and other audio creation tools, Vibe Avenue is constantly pushing forward the boundaries of audio production. Whether creating musical sound design or using found sounds in music tracks, the team excels at blurring lines to create iconic, innovative and cohesive audio landscapes.


Teamwork is the DNA of Vibe Avenue. Brainstorming, knowledge sharing, jamming and feedback sessions are happening constantly and organically and ensure fresh ideas and top quality level. Communication with our partners and clients is also one of our fortes. Super detailed quotes, transparent time tracking, solid follow up and short reaction time to emergencies are all elements that make working with us a premium and seamless experience.


Award-winning quality is our top priority. We are extremely passionate about our craft and go to great lengths to ensure that every project gets the love and attention to detail it deserves. With 100+ projects under our belt, a stable and experienced team, detailed procedures and an ever more polished workflow, we leave no stones unturned in combining cost-efficiency with AAA quality.


Besides being musicians and sound artists, we are complete geeks and addicted to new technologies. We love to design sophisticated audio systems for interactive music, responsive sound design and haptic feedback. Our deep understanding of both game and audio engines allows us to do a great deal of the audio integration part by ourselves, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow while saving time and money along the way.


We take pride in our creative process and enjoy showing it. We also understand that marketing is an essential part of an audiovisual work’s success. We have extensive experience in producing making of videos and writing blog articles, as well as creating top tier sounds and music for trailers and other promotional material.



Best Sound Design in Indie Game
Broken Edge
The 2023 Game Audio Network Guild Award


Best Game Audio
Winds And Leaves
Canadian Game Awards 2022


Best Sound Design
Dungeons & Dragons: 
Dark Alliance
Music + Sound Awards 2022


Best Song-Score for Mobile Gaming
Star Tref: Fleet Command
The 2019 Hollywood Music In Media Awards



Best Music in a Casual/Social Game
Star Trek: Fleet Command
The 2019 Game Audio Network Guild Award


Best Game Audio
Big Action Mega Fight!
Casual Connect
San francisco 2016


Best Audio
Stories: The Path of Destinies
Montreal Independant Game 
Awards 2016

About Us

Our story

Born from the creative minds of two doctorate degree graduates in music composition, Mathieu Lavoie and François-Xavier Dupas, Vibe Avenue is an award winning interactive music and sound studio that has been redefining audio paradigms since 2013.

The Vibe Avenue Squad

Our most excellent team of sound specialists, musicians and just all-around good persons.

The Verdun Studios

Located in the heart of Verdun, two minutes walk from the beach,  walking distance from the subway, microbreweries, third-wave coffees everywhere. 

A very groovy place for a very groovy team.

Studio A

Full Production Suite
Control Room

Studio B

Vocal Booth & Recording Station

Studio C

Production Suite
Synth Room

Studio D 

Full Production Suite
Mixing & Post-Production

Studio E

Full Production Suite
Composition Room

Studio F

Music Room
Grand Piano, Drums, Percs, Amps




4830 Wellington Mtl,
Qc, H4G 1X4

438 389 8423