Award-winning music and sound design for videogames.


Interactive music specialists ready to score beautiful tailor-fitted music for your wildest productions.

Sound Design

Our award winning crew of sound designer takes your audio identity to a whole new level.


We record your dialogues – whether it is for a few lines in a DLC, or a thousand lines for a brand new project.


The last essential step for a seamless and memorable audio experience – and one of Vibe’s signature skill.

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Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance
Music, Sound Design, Voice-Over & Integration
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Tribes of Midgard
Music, Sound Design, Voice-Over & Integration
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Conv/rgence - A League of Legends Story
Music, Sound Design, Voice-Over & Integration
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Operation Tango
Music, Sound Design, Voice-Over & Integration
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“The game’s art and music are first rate and captivating”


Press Review

“music and sound effect are [also] high quality and perfectly fits the aesthetic of the forgotten realms”


“The western soundtrack does an excellent job setting the mood”


Bloodroots Wolf Character

“The music is nothing short of phenomenal”

-The Xboxhub

“The soundtrack is brilliant”


Harbinger Character Omensight

“Synth-tastic funkyness”


Skunk Ultimate Chicken Horse Character

“The music and sound effects are nearly flawless.”


“The orchestrated music pulls you in and does an amazing job fitting in with the atmosphere.”

“I love the soundtrack for the game, which feels very appropriate and sets the right atmosphere for such an epic adventure.”


“Sound effects are fantastic”

-Push Square

Ratika Character Children of Zodiarc

“The soundtrack from Vibe Avenue is one of my favorite collections of music from an indie game”


“This was one of those audio experiences¬†where they got everything right”


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For excellency in audio production

Best Game Audio Big Action Mega Fight Award

WINNER – BEST AUDIO – Stories the Path of Destinies

MIGA 2016

GangAward_2019 for Star Trek Fleet Command

NOMINEE – BEST AUDIO – Star Trek: Fleet Command

2019 G.A.N.G. Awards


WINNER – BEST AUDIO – Big Action Mega Fight!

Casual Connect San Francisco 2014

Gaming Awards won by games we’ve worked on (other categories)

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