From orchestra to computer, from the screen to the stage, only one thing doesn’t fit into our musical creations: limits.



Recording, programming, sculpting… We love every way of making sounds, and try to push the boudaries of what is possible in audio.


Equiped with state of the art technologies, we deliver pristine mixes for all kinds of visual media, be it a 5.1 trailer mix or a whole dynamic game mix.


We believe a successful integration is accounts for 50% of a great game soundtrack. That’s why we’re experts in all kinds of game engines (Unreal, Unity) and audio engines (Wwise, FMOD, Fabric). From sophisticated dynamic soundscapes to innovative interactive music systems, integration is one of our passions.


Over the course of many years of experience, we have build solid relationships with actors and casting studios, allowing us to handle voice recording, editing, localization and integration from start to finish. We have even develop our own unique voice direction techniques to achieve better results in less time.