Vibe Avenue is an award-winning company specialized in music composition and sound design for video games and other visual media.

Born from a fusion of talented sound artists with over 15 years of experience in audio for visual media, Vibe Avenue’s experts have worked on numerous projects for companies such as Tuque Games, Beenox inc., Radio Canada, Echo Media, Sauropod Studio, Double Stallion Games, Execution Labs, Decode Global, PubPointCom and the Montreal World Film Festival.

What we do

Music composition


Original music for film, TV and commercials

Dynamic music for games and interactive media


Sound design


Original sound design

Field recording

Voice recording and editing

Audio Integration


Wwise, FMOD Studio, Fabric



Who we are

Mathieu Lavoie, Co-founder


Mathieu Lavoie is a composer, sound designer and professor at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). He holds a doctorates’ degree in composition, obtained at the University of Montreal in 2012. He has composed music for more than 50 films, commercials and videogames, as well as many concert pieces. He is regularly invited as a speaker, panelist, lecturer and producer for different events related to his expertise, in particular for Radio Canada, the Montreal International Film Festival (FFM) and the Regroupement pour la formation en audiovisual du Québec (RFAVQ).

FX Dupas, Co-founder


Composer and audio artist, FX Dupas is currently pursuing a doctorate in interactive music for videogames and multimedia at University of Montreal, where he also teaches harmony, composition and game audio. He has scored over 30 videogames and films. His music is edited and published by prestigious labels such as Editions Robert Martin and Sony Music France, and he has won international awards at the Indieprize (2014) and CIMFA (2011).

  • Jérémie Gavoille : Lead audio, mixer
  • Benjamin Bongert: sound design, audio integration
  • Dylan Escalona : sound design, audio integration
  • Xavier Fecteau: sound design, audio integration
  • Beatrix Moersch : audio intern
  • Erwan Legrain : audio intern

Partners and clients

“…Art and music are first rate and captivating…”

Forbes Magazine | Get Water review

“…Just for the awesome soundtrack…”

App Store user review

“Working with Vibe Avenue has been a total pleasure from the moment we met them.”

Stephane Beniak, Game Designer at Double Stallion Games

“Music is fantastic, high production sound effects…”

App Store user review

“…It speaks to the high quality of the audio throughout the game.”

Killa Penguin | Big Action Mega Fight review

“Love the art direction and music”

User App Store review

Awesome Montreal company for which we did the score and sound design for Stories: the path of destinies.